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Have you ever built a new kitchen or house, and only once you’ve lived in it for a few months, wished you did things differently? Our Design process joins the dots from concept to creation and leaves no stone unturned. By asking the right questions, we help to achieve your Home Cinema goals. With over a decade of experience in bespoke cinema design and training from leading authorities in video, audio and design, nothing is left to chance.


1. Discovery Survey & Meeting

You wouldn’t buy a 2 door sports car as the only vehicle for a family. Likewise, it’s important to establish upfront how the Cinema room will be used. By asking the right questions at the start, we avoid costly mistakes before blood, sweat and money are invested.

Through educating and guiding you through what makes a great Home Cinema, we establish fundamentals such as what room is best suited, who it’s for and how many people will use the room? Is it used for sports, gaming, family time or doubles-up as a bar?

2.Room Design

Just like every part and feature of a Ferrari is laid out to ensure balance and optimal performance, the same principle applies with Home Cinema. It is vital to verify the chosen cinema space can achieve the goals and expectations required.

Room orientation plays an important role as does seating and speaker arrangements. Even with the world’s best speakers, if seating arrangements are not carefully planned, resonance can cause a sub-par cinematic experience. Consideration is also taken for sound isolation from other rooms and neighbours.

3. Audio & Video Engineering

This is where we get in to  finer details of  AV performance requirements, the horsepower and drivetrain of Cinema. The Rogue team undertake detailed projection and sound calculations to ensure accurate and immersive AV experiences.

Based on the room orientation and size, we can determine the optimal screen size and how this interacts with the audio system. The number of speakers and best placement is based on reference guidelines to achieve a natural spacious sound.

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4. Acoustic Framework

The suspension of the cinema room, how does the sound GRIP the room and therefore allow the audience to enjoy the ride? The acoustic framework provides the necessary traction for the cinema system to perform.

Only once the exact placements of speakers and seating is determined, can we understand and manage the sound reflections. With multiple speakers in a room, careful orchestration is required to avoid chaos in sound travel. An acoustic framework is developed to ensure the sound is spacious and natural from all aspects. This can be achieved through different materials which control sound reflection and reverberation.

The art of custom cinema is designing an acoustic framework in style

5. HVAC (Heating & Cooling)

With an intricate system of audio and visual equipment, adequate ventilation and cooling needs to be considered part of the design process. With all the heat produced (from equipment & people), it needs an avenue to escape to. Cooling and fresh air is also essential for family comfort.

An objective of the cinema room is to transport you into the world of the movie and put you in the ‘driver’s seat’. Therefore, aircon systems need to be quiet to not take away from the cinematic experience. These systems need to be devised before the build process as placing them afterwards could impact the positioning of other AV elements.

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6. Features & Décor

We can really let your personal touch and inner child shine in the cinema room. Do you want a candy bar, drinks bar, guitars on the wall or memorabilia? What about a pinball machine, gaming systems or a trophy cabinet?

We find a home for all these elements to ensure they do not interfere with the sound and image equipment capabilities.

This truly allows you to have a personalized space in the home where you can escape to unwind.

7. Interior Design

Interior design delves deeper than just the type of fabrics used or colour of carpets. Underlying the stylistic elements of the room, we have to give thought to how they align with your vision as well as enhancing the technical performance of the room.

The interior design works harmoniously with all the other elements of the room to create the illusion of disbelief and pull you away from reality in to a new world.

8. Equipment Design

There are a number of solutions which lead to achieving the performance standards you require. We’ll give you engineered solutions and guide you to the best products over a range suited to your budget.

Rather than using, “trophy” products as we call them, which may have sleek branding but need regular upgrading, we source products based on their talent which are purposeful for the whole cinema design. We want long lasting equipment which provides you with the best value for money and saves you money down the track.

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9. Review/Build Plans

The final step of the design process is creating a build plan for the next stage. The whole concept is reviewed in relation to the initial Discovery Meeting/Survey to ensure its meets every expectation. Modifications can be made on feedback.

You get to actually see what the final design will look like through our 3D modelling sketchup. It will give you a real feel on what to expect.

We are happy to work with your construction team or we can take care of the entire build process for you with our experienced team.

On Any Day, Reality can go rogue

“Rogue provide a complete home AV service that you won’t find anywhere else in Perth”

Fantastic Service, Rogue provide a complete home AV service that you won’t find anywhere else in Perth. Whether its a complete house or room design, hardware or software recommendations or just a bit of advice, this is the business to call.
Craig, Dunsborough WA


Very few companies in Australia (and the world) are certified and trained by the leading authorities in Home Cinema. The Rogue team have done extensive training and development through THX (holistic cinema design), ISF (image clarity) and HAA (small room acoustics) which have set the requirements and standards that are crucial for any Home Cinema.


Great sound from science. From surround sound, installation, engineering and tuning, these acoustic standards allow the best possible cinematic sound in the home.


Developed by renowned Director, George Lucas, THX has set the benchmark for holistic cinema design. It encompasses both the room and system. Everything from the colour of the room, where you sit, sound and image, the full package.


Straight out of the box, no TV or projection system performs perfectly. Calibration to reference standards allows deeper, richer and wider range of colours to give you the quality intended by the movie studios.


“I received invaluable personalised service and advice”

I received invaluable personalised service and advice regarding how to maximise my home theatre systems performance, by calibrating audio and video to suit my room.
Chase, Perth WA


No matter the size of the room or budget, every Rogue Home Cinema is designed, engineered and built to exceed your expectations and blow you away.


Embark on an adventure. The Voyager Cinema is FIERCE. This is what champions are built of.

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Goes where no Home Cinema like it has gone before. Equipped with advanced acoustic technology usually only found in elite and luxury cinemas costing many times the price.

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The premiere custom design. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of excellence and personalisation.

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Professional cinema that goes beyond the commercial cinema house and all the way to the most cutting edge studio standards.

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