We create adventure and excitement for families

By designing cinematic home theatre rooms through our professional engineering and construction process.


No matter the size of the room or budget, every Rogue Home Cinema is designed, engineered and built to exceed your expectations.

  • $19K – $40K
  • $40K – $100K
  • $80K – $250K
  • $250K+

Embark on an adventure. The Voyager Cinema is FIERCE. This is what champions are built of.

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Goes where no Home Cinema like it has gone before. Equipped with advanced acoustic technology usually only found in elite and luxury cinemas costing many times the price.

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The premiere custom design. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of excellence and personalisation.

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Professional cinema that goes beyond the commercial cinema house and all the way to the most cutting edge studio standards.

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Where Reality Goes Rogue

“Scott and his team provided highly professional advice and service”

Scott and his team provided highly professional advice and service throughout out home theatre construction phase, as well as, after service. We were blown away with the end result.  Our home theatre has the picture and sound quality that rivals a cinema. We use the theatre daily and rarely go out to the movies anymore. Scott and his team worked with us every step of the way within our budget.  Scott’s passion for his work is infectious! He and his team go the extra mile which is so rarely seen these days!

Kelli , Atwell WA

Work Hard, Play Hard, Rest Hard

Why home cinema?

Relax & Unwind

Have you ever found in today’s busy world, going on a much deserved break may seem a distant reality? Work or business sneaks home, making it hard to ever fully relax. Research proves we need our minds  to switch off and recover. When we do we are more fun, focused, productive and present.

A home Cinema is a sanctuary you can visit any day of the week, just down the hallway.

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Bring Back Adventure & Excitement

Despite all the apps and latest technology, we are still time poor more than ever. The safety and comfort of our own homes provides a sanctuary as we are not able to go out as much as we used to.

We find there is a way to bring back adventure and excitement by uniting the magic and art of cinema. We can bring the outside world – inside.

All you have to do is press play to pause. A Home Cinema is your escape, any day of the week.

The Power of Stories

For 40 000 years, humans have been connecting, growing and developing through the art of telling stories.

Albert Einstein famously said “If you want your children to be intelligent read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

There is no greater way to be captivated than the art and magic of modern cinema.

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True Cinematic Experience

Today more than ever you can enjoy the art of cinema in its truest form thanks to the “Ultra HD” format. Years past: VHS, DVD and even HD Bluray (although much better) was still a low resolution replica of the true art form.

With access to world-class technology, you can experience the art and quality of blockbuster cinema in the comfort of your own home. Never before have we so much to gain, but so much to lose.

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It all begins with a Discovery Survey

“Look no further than Rogue”

Scott at Rogue Home Cinema is the go to man for any needs in the home theatre or sound system department. I have no reservations in recommending him for any job, big or small. Top quality at a more than reasonable price! Look no further than Rogue!!!
Natalie, Perth WA


With nearly 20 years experience in the industry, no matter where you are in your Home Cinema journey, we can help. From expert design consultations, to fully commissioned systems; explore our range of services.

Our Design process joins the dots from concept to creation and leaves no stone unturned by asking the right questions to help achieve your Home Cinema goals.

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Combining world class engineering and design, the Rogue team can execute the entire build process including installing the finest equipment based on their talent and performance.

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Given a Cinema is made of multiple different brands and always in a different room environment; testing and calibrating the final result is absolutely vital to achieving optimal performance.

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Meet The Rogue Team

Nearly two decades of connecting the dots. Backed by not only experience, but ongoing training through the leading world authorities in Home Cinema.

Our Team