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Custom Home Cinema Builders - From PLAN to PLAY

Custom designed and built World Class Home Cinemas

Executing world class performance

Combining world class engineering and design, our team of expert builders can execute the entire build process. With carefully crafted scope and schedule of works, we work to minimize any disturbances. Your final cinema room will be commissioned and calibrated. We’ll walk you through how the system works and have it automated making it simple to use.


1. Design & Build Plans

A design plan is crucial before any construction may begin.

Every home cinema should be designed to studio reference standards to work in harmony to produce a natural spacious sound and a great cinematic experience.

2. Trusted Team

A solid team is vital to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget without compromise. We have a dedicated Project Manager for your Cinema room who will devise a project schedule with all the milestones and deadlines.

We have reputable equipment suppliers and a trusted Trades team who take pride in producing  quality results.

3. Construct

Construction happens in 2 stages. The first stage is creating the framework for the room. If the room is renovated, the area is stripped and we can modify walls, doors and windows accordingly. Seating rises are created which have the perfect height.

The walls are not fully enclosed to allow for pre-wiring and cabling to be fed through. Once this is done, the second stage can be completed to seal the walls finish the core construction.

4. Pre-Wire

Careful planning and checklists need to be adhered to to ensure wiring and cabling for the entire cinema system is done correctly. Everything from the audio, visual, lighting, plumbing, heating, communications and cooling need to be integrated during the build.

It becomes very expensive down the track for any changes if these are not set out in a labeled and organised manner.

5. Audio/Video Fit Off

We take care of the setup, installation, mounting and configuration. From the speakers, projectors and screens to making sure the electronics racks are stacked correctly, this is truly the first test of the whole system.

6. Trim

This is where the magic and style of the room really comes together. The lighting, acoustics, decor, artwork and cabinets are installed. Here is where we can add that special piece memorabilia or prized trophy to the room. The seats are mounted and wired, and electronics racks are fitted. Almost there for you to get to experience your new Home Cinema.

7. Orchestration

The whole AV experience comes to life. All the preliminary tests are done and the system is calibrated and fine tuned to give you the perfect audio and visual experience.

We make sure the system controls are easy to use and automated for simplicity. We will walk you through how to use your brand new cinema room and schedule in servicing to make sure the room continues to perform at its very best.  

Begin Your World Class Home Cinema Journey

“Look no further than Rogue”

Scott at Rogue Home Cinema is the go to man for any needs in the home theatre or sound system department. I have no reservations in recommending him for any job, big or small. Top quality at a more than reasonable price! Look no further than Rogue!!!
Natalie, Perth WA


Very few companies in Australia (and the world) are certified and trained by the leading authorities in Home Cinema. The Rogue team have done extensive training and development through THX (holistic cinema design), ISF (image clarity) and HAA (small room acoustics) which have set the requirements and standards that are crucial for any Home Cinema.


Great sound from science. From surround sound, installation, engineering and tuning, these acoustic standards allow the best possible cinematic sound in the home.


Developed by renowned Director, George Lucas, THX has set the benchmark for holistic cinema design. It encompasses both the room and system. Everything from the colour of the room, where you sit, sound and image, the full package.


Straight out of the box, no TV or projection system performs perfectly. Calibration to reference standards allows deeper, richer and wider range of colours to give you the quality intended by the movie studios.


“Rogue provide a complete home AV service that you won’t find anywhere else in Perth”

Fantastic Service, Rogue provide a complete home AV service that you won’t find anywhere else in Perth. Whether its a complete house or room design, hardware or software recommendations or just a bit of advice, this is the business to call.
Craig, Dunsborough WA


No matter the size of the room or budget, every Rogue Home Cinema is designed, engineered and built to exceed your expectations and blow you away.


Embark on an adventure. The Voyager Cinema is FIERCE. This is what champions are built of.

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Goes where no Home Cinema like it has gone before. Equipped with advanced acoustic technology usually only found in elite and luxury cinemas costing many times the price.

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The premiere custom design. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of excellence and personalisation.

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Professional cinema that goes beyond the commercial cinema house and all the way to the most cutting edge studio standards.

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