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3 Essential Keys to Every World-Class Home Cinema

Today I’m going to share the three keys in every world class home cinema. What do they have in common? What makes them tick and what makes their owners absolutely fall in love with them?

It’s crucial that you get these 3 fundamentals right, so let’s jump straight in to it.

1. The Room

I like to call it how the room resonates. The room itself is a critical factor of how you’re going to experience the theatre and how the stories in that theatre is going to impact you.

So when we talk about the room, it’s not just how it looks and feels, which is absolutely critical because this is your space, but the fact that the room needs to be mysterious and calming. The moment you walk through the door, the baggage is left behind, and you’re intrigued into the moments that the director’s going to send you on.

There’s also personalisation which is also a lot of fun. This is a room where your inner child can come out. Maybe add some trophies, memorabilia, and artwork which can features in the home cinema room. You can really start to add those personal touches that let’s face it, are not going to be in the living room. With the home cinema, you can be a little bit more fun with it.

The other factor about the room is how it actually resonates – not just visually and personally but how does it resonate sonically? The home cinema is going to really impact the sound in a massive way. Home cinemas are acoustically quite small, so when we put speakers in different environments, they do change the character and sound. We want nice, clean, clear, natural sound. The room’s going to impact that as well, so we really need to hash it all out at the beginning while in the design stage.

2. Reference Engineering

Number two is the reference engineering. Every world class home cinema is designed and engineered to very specific audio, immersive surround sound and projection standards. What we’re trying to achieve is imitate the studio itself. That is the original form of the art and we’re trying to replicate it in its entire purity.

And look these days, we’ve got such great digital content that engineering a room correctly means we can get a true representation of the art form. When we only had DVD and VHS, let’s face it, it was always a low-resolution replica. We were never going to get the real thing, but today there’s more to lose and more to gain than ever before.

By engineering the home cinema to very strict standards, it scientifically works just like the studio space.

3. Orchestration:

The third component of a world class home cinema is the orchestration of the room. The first part is making sure that the sound and picture are perfectly calibrated and fine-tuned so when seated, you are hearing exactly what was intended by the studio.

There’s no point having the reference installation sort of installed correctly, but then not fine-tuned. It’s a little bit like the Ferrari at the end of the production line. They don’t just box it up and send it to the customer. They actually put every Ferrari on the race track and they tune it up and they know there’s always more performance sitting on the table.

In fact, if you’ve got an existing home cinema, maybe a calibration is the next step for you and tune that sucker right up. Orchestration of the sound and picture ensures you have beautiful, clear and natural audio and image in the seat.

The other part of orchestration is how easy the room is to control. You don’t want to come into the room and feel like you’re actually in the cockpit of a 747 take off sequence. Really, you’re in the first class seats and you’re there to go for the ride.

So having a beautiful automation system that pulls together the all the lighting, electronics, heating and cooling, all orchestrated and automated makes the home cinema really simple to use. Let’s face it these rooms are about relaxing and having R&R, and if we’ve got a complicated control system, that’s not going to work for you.

So there’s the three big keys of a great world-class home cinema. We’ve got the room itself. How does that resonate for you? How does it resonate sonically? We then have the reference installation standards. Very strict to replicate the studio so you’re getting absolutely every dollar you paid for in the products themselves.

And then there is orchestration. How does it all come together at the end of the day so when you’re sitting in this seat, you hear every detail. You have beautiful, vibrant pictures and it all works with just the touch of a button.

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