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About Rogue Home Cinema

Nearly two decades of transforming rooms into worlds of adventure.


The love of live music and BIG sound is what drew me to the industry. I loved that awesome feeling you get at a music festival and wanted to replicate it at home. In my teens, while driving a $500 car and still living at home, I invested in a $7000 home sound system (I love sound that much). By following my passion and eventually owning my own AV store, the introduction of Blu-Ray sparked my interest in Home Cinema and the possibilities of getting that real cinematic experience at home. Trained by the leading world authorities in home cinema design, audio and video, Rogue is at the cutting edge of bespoke home cinema design, build & service.

I personally oversee every Home Cinema project to ensure you get the best possible outcome for you and your family. Learn more about my journey below and book a Discovery Meeting today.

Scott Rogan

“Rogue is at the cutting edge of bespoke home cinema”.

2000: Love of Live Music

The love of live music and BIG sound inspired me to get into the AV industry.

2000 – 2006: Hi-Fi Sales

Worked as a Salesperson at my local Hi-Fi store – yes that is me delivering a massive set of speakers on a bobcat.

2007 – 2012: Owner Home Theater Retail Shop

Inspired to do more, I partnered with an existing retailer and opened a new specialist Hifi and media shop in Myaree, Western Australia.

2008: Blu-Ray

The introduction of  Blu-ray HD video made Home Cinema a reality – the picture now looked great! My passion of cinema began to grow getting that awesome cinematic experience in the home.

2010: THX

I undertook training by THX, the leaders in holistic cinema design and attained a certification of Professional Home Theater 1.

Now we started to see some bigger results.

2011 (and 2015): HAA

Trained and certified by HAA (Home Acoustics Association), the world leading authority in small room acoustics.

Acquired a Level 2 certification.

2014: ISF

Attended ISF (Image Science Foundation) training in Sydney to be Certified ISF level 2 video calibrator.

ISF is the world leading authority in video mastering to achieve outstanding picture quality.

2015: 3D Design Engineering

Through 3D Design Engineering, now we can see and hear not just what equipment works best – but what ROOMS sound and work best.

This is where the magic is.

2016: Mi-Max Home Cinema

The introduction of the Mi-Max concept: design, construct, individualize.

The cutting edge of Home Cinema.

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“Scott and the his professional team at Rogue have the knowledge know-how”

Scott and the his professional team at iQ (Rogue) have the knowledge know-how and desire to get the best sound and vision out of any given situation.
Ian, Maylands WA


With nearly 20 years experience in the industry, no matter where you are in your Home Cinema journey, we can help. From expert design consultations, to fully commissioned systems; explore our range of services.

Our Design process joins the dots from concept to creation and leaves no stone unturned by asking the right questions to help achieve your Home Cinema goals.

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Combining world class engineering and design, the Rogue team can execute the entire build process including installing the finest equipment based on their talent and performance.

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Given a Cinema is made of multiple different brands and always in a different room environment; testing and calibrating the final result is absolutely vital to achieving optimal performance.

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Very few companies in Australia (and the world) are certified and trained by the leading authorities in Home Cinema. The Rogue team have done extensive training and development through THX (holistic cinema design), ISF (image clarity) and HAA (small room acoustics) which have set the requirements and standards that are crucial for any Home Cinema.


Great sound from science. From surround sound, installation, engineering and tuning, these acoustic standards allow the best possible cinematic sound in the home.


Developed by renowned Director, George Lucas, THX has set the benchmark for holistic cinema design. It encompasses both the room and system. Everything from the colour of the room, where you sit, sound and image, the full package.


Straight out of the box, no TV or projection system performs perfectly. Calibration to reference standards allows deeper, richer and wider range of colours to give you the quality intended by the movie studios.