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Great tips to understand the ins and outs of Home Cinema so you can choose the right services & teams for your project

How many people for a Home Cinema?

If you are thinking of putting together a custom home cinema that’s really going to perform, it’s not about how big the screen should be. This comes later on.

Ask yourself how many people are going to be using the room on a weekly basis and plan the seating accordingly.

Just like buying a new car, if the kids have moved out and you don’t have a big family living at home, you can go with less seats and more sports action, luxury, performance.

The same principle applies for home cinema.

In saying that, if you do have a big family or you love to entertain, you  need to have a bigger room and have the space to fill with the necessary seats.

There’s nothing worse than being cramped in the back seat with little room to move.


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